Our story

Our story began in 2006 with some friends in a dome recordings some demo songs and releasing our first work with various different names. After many local lives and some four years later we came up with the name Bring back persephone and we still reign ever since.
We released our first Ep Years of suffering and and some months later we signed our first record deal with Redfield digital. We were honoured to share the stage with the likes of Bane , Defeater , Stick to your guns , Born from pain, Hundredth among others.

In 2019 our first full length album Deadmans hand came out under Useless pride records and distribution from Deathwish records.
We did some shows in the UK and Greece also playing with hardcore act Polar but soon after pandemic broke out and we halted everything. Soon after Covid eased up we went on studio to record 5 new songs to be released separated as singles in 2023/02024 along with our first live shows and tours after four years since the pandemic outbreak.
We will continue no matter what all hail mighty Persephone!